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Best Interior Designers in Bhopal
- Artful, Creative,
Luxury Design 

Your only destination for exceptional Interior Design in Bhopal. Elevate your home with our Artful, Creative, and Luxurious Interior Designs, crafted to perfection. Experience unrivaled transparency and professionalism every step.
At Orange Homes, we pride ourselves on delivering a Luxury Homes, A Design Experience that exceeds expectations. Our team specializes in creating innovative concepts tailored to your unique preferences and beyond – reflects your style and personality.

Exclusive Interior Design Benefits Only at Orange Homes

Warranty- Up-to 10 Year

Bhopal's First full home Warranty.

Free Services- 2 Year

Uninterrupted enjoyment of your Home 

30+ Quality Checks

Quality First & Always, To ensure you get the best.

One-Stop Solution

Presenting every solution for all your interior needs.

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Orange Homes, 113, Prem Kesar Homes,

Katara Hills, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462043


Tuesday to Sunday | 11 AM - 8 PM


Estimate & Material Consultation - 30 minutes

Design consultation - 60 minutes


+91 9893229599


Project Management

Client portal for Project Accounting, Project Management & Reports.

Design Consultation

Detailed Technical Design & Drawings. 3D Renders & Visual Graphical Design.

Design & Build

Custom wooden furniture design and manufacture. Be Unique and Stylish.

Home Rennovations

Complete house remodeling and renovation works.

From Civil to Interiors.

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What Our Customers Say?

.....enthusiastically endorse their services.....

Pradeep Dubey

.....fantastic job.....

Govind Pal them blindly for quality and creativity.....


.....highly recommend.....


.....Customer satisfaction at best.....

Rees S

.....Amazing service.....

Neelesh Jha

.....amazing and accessible team.....

Abhinav Tiwari

.....Good value and quality.....

Sai Teja

People Trust Us.

4.9 Stars

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  1. What services does Orange Homes offer?

    • Orange Homes specializes in renovation, residential interior design in Bhopal, Pune, Indore, and project management, providing high-standard construction for luxurious homes.

  2. How can I book Orange Homes services?

    • Booking is easy! Click on "Book Now" under the services of your choice – renovation, interior & project management, or home care – for a hassle-free experience.

  3. Tell me about Orange Homes' approach to interior design.

    • Orange Homes believes in quality, creativity, accessibility, and transparency. Our expert team, renowned vendors, and shortlisted contractors ensure efficient project execution using the best materials.

  4. What makes Orange Homes the best interior designer in Bhopal?

    • With a foundation in quality, creativity, accessibility, and customer-centricity, Orange Homes has become a preferred choice in both residential and commercial interior design segments. Since 2016, has been a preferred choice with a mantra of Quality & Creativity.

  5. How does Orange Homes ensure a luxurious experience for clients?

    • Orange Homes aims to produce the most comfortable and luxurious interiors by using branded materials, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality build and supervision processes.

  6. What is the mantra for success at Orange Homes?

    • Orange Homes believes in the mantra of Quality & Creativity, combined with accessibility, uncompromising values, customer-centricity, robust planning, and transparency in business operations.

  7. How does Orange Homes preserve the beauty of products used in interiors?

    • Orange Homes preserves the beauty of products through unmatched warranty cards, ensuring longevity and quality in every aspect of your interior.

  8. What is interior design consulting at Orange Homes?

    • Interior design consulting involves pre-planned and detailed preparation for effective space utilization, better visual appeal, safety, and sustainability. Various drawings and specifications are provided for construction.

  9. How long does a typical interior design project take to complete at Orange Homes?

    • Project timelines vary based on individual choices, detailed work, and site conditions. Orange Homes prioritizes quality with a diverse team of experts, ensuring on-time project delivery.

  10. What is the working process for interior design projects at Orange Homes?

    • The process includes an initial consultation, agreement & retainer, creation of design concepts, experiencing your dream home virtually in 3D, purchasing, project management & coordination, and project completion.

  11. What services are included in a full home interior project at Orange Homes?

    • The full home interior process involves estimating, space planning, 3D design, execution of various works, purchasing, project management, coordination, and project completion with a thorough cleaning and snag resolution.

  12. Why choose Orange Homes for a modular kitchen in Bhopal?

    • Orange Homes offers the finest kitchens in Bhopal, ensuring quality with 30+ checks and a 10-year warranty, making us the best choice for a modular kitchen.

  13. How is the cost determined for a 3BHK interior design in Bhopal at Orange Homes?

    • The cost varies based on factors like flat size, project area, materials, and customization. Interior design services in Bhopal generally range from Rs. 800 to Rs. 1500 per sq.ft. Consult with our designers for accurate estimates that suit your budget.

  14. What is the initial consultation process for interior design projects at Orange Homes?

    • The initial consultation involves a complimentary in-home consultation to evaluate needs, a space analysis, visual dialogue, and the definition of functionality, budget, scope, and schedule.

  15. What is the creation of design concept at Orange Homes?

    • The design concept involves gathering conceptual ideas, preparing technical drawings, evaluating design plans, refining schemes, and finalizing the design plan, allowing you to experience your dream home virtually.

  16. How does Orange Homes manage project coordination and progress?

    • Our team manages every step of the process, coordinating delivery, installation, and project progress. We keep you informed at every step of project, ensuring a seamless and exciting experience.

  17. What services are included in the full home interior process at Orange Homes?

    • The process covers estimating, space planning, 3D design, execution of various works (false ceiling, electrical, civil, plumbing, carpentry), installation of furnishings and decor, and concludes with a thorough cleaning and resolution of any snags before handover.

  18. How much does a 3BHK interior design project cost in Bhopal at Orange Homes?

    • The cost varies based on factors like flat size, project area, materials, and customization. Rough estimates range from Rs. 12 to 27 lakh for a 3BHK apartment of 1500-1800 sq.ft. Consult with our designers for accurate estimates tailored to your project specifics.

  19. Can I get a free consultation and estimate for my modular kitchen?

    • Absolutely! Orange Homes offers a complimentary consultation and estimate, ensuring a hassle-free and transparent process from the beginning. Orange Homes redefines luxury with innovative design, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship, delivering the most luxurious kitchens in Bhopal.

  20. How can I inquire about the price from Orange Homes?

    • Simply reach out to us! Contact Orange Homes for a detailed discussion of your requirements, and we'll provide you with a competitive and transparent price quote tailored to your needs.

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