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How to make an Interior Theme ?

Interior theme is combination and placements planning of each elements in your room to create a feel, comfort and style to create a mood that you want.

These include area lights, furniture, fixtures, wallpaper, colour combinations and over all structure, style and texture of everything.

Sometimes it's very confusing and frustrating to choose the perfect combination of everything elements to create the mood that you want.

For DIYers it could also lead to final result that could look completely different than desired theme. Don't worry that's why we are here. Today I'll explain everything in step by step process so that you can DIY your dream theme decoration of your room.

However we have expertise and highly technical team to handle these situation that we do daily. You can always contact Orange Homes team to help you out. We will be happy to create the mood set theme you.

The whole process required little bit of research and analysis about what exactly and how exactly you want it.

So let's start

  1. If you are still reading this, I hope you might have gone through many number of themes and you might be liking some of them. If not I would recommend you to select and finalize any picture that best describe your mood. It may be interior bedroom, landscape or gardens, party hall, jungle, restaurant or anything whatever you like that inspires you.

  2. Are you still wondering, what is there in that pic and why you are liking it so much and how to create that room exactly the way you want. All about how you feeling by imaginations of you dream room. answer to that is hiding behind your imagination. Keep your picture in front of you and point out every single thing that is there in the pictures, that is adding more beauty to that picture. Point out all those element it may be furniture lights fabrics colour as we mentioned earlier in the start of this discussion.

  3. I have brought a similar workout that we called a mood board. Have a look at this picture. How every element is popping out of our dream inspiring picture.

Interior Design Mood Board
Modern Classical Interior Theme

As of now we have found everything that will require to set the mood for room. Everything you need to do is plan every element and combination in the structure of your room.

Next step require little bit of research and experience. We have already collected my details and texture desired for room. You have to find out these particular things in market whose. That is all up you how much time and money you can spend the exactly what it feel, look and become. You will have to research little bit about color and texture availability through your selection swatches.

Lets take a case from above mood board picture. For example if you would has interchanged those marble texture with wooden one, then working process to make that particular structure may change as ever material have different property and method to work on it is also different. In case of unavailability of such texture you have to be little bit of creative, say you don't have such flooring in your house. In such situation I would have gone with a carpet/ Rugs as given here in picture. So be wise and realistic for any material you choose and don't forget, we are here for you always.

Enjoy your beautiful home ahead.

Be safe, stay happy.

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Aditya Hridaya
Aditya Hridaya
Apr 09, 2020

very good (test)

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