We are Providing Luxury Interior Design at a Very Reasonable Price!!

Luxury Interior Designer in Bhopal

2BHK Interior Design as low as 3.99 Lakh Only

Our Unique Design Features.

  • Branded Materials & Hardware Only

  • Complete 3D and 2D Design work before the start of work.

  • Wide range of finishes for creative and luxurious looks. Such as veneer, Metal/ Wooden legs, PU/Duco Paint, Brass Inlay, etc.

  • Sustainable & Kids Friendly designs: Such as Waterproof plywood in wet areas, and PU/Duco Paint Furniture in Kids' rooms.

  • Extra in each room: Fabric-finished beds, Shower cubicles, False ceilings, and Wall Panels in all rooms.

  • Detailed work in each piece of furniture to make it A Master Piece.

Best Designer Package that have everything you need.

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Kids Safe Edges


Shoe Rack