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Customer Grievance Service

1. When can I expect a response to my issue?

You can expect a response within 48 hours. You will also get clear communication on next steps.


2. What happens after I raise an issue?

Once you raise an issue an Online Design Consultant gets notified. After analyzing it internally, our representative calls you within 48 hours, to either initiate a resolution or ask for more information. Internal teams would then be notified, who would deep dive into the same and come up with a resolution. Alongside, senior management would be intimated to ensure transparency and concurrency. You can also track the status on OrangeHomes Hub or get detailed information from the representative on call.


3. How can I escalate the issue further?

In addition to raising your concerns on My account , you can also mail us (, to escalate the issue further.


4. How long does it take to resolve an issue?

We try to reach a resolution at the earliest. However, the average time frame could vary and largely depends on the complexity of the problem you’re facing.


5. Where and how can I get information on my issue?

You can track the status of your issue by direct communication with OrangeHomes designer assigned to you.


6. Are there alternative ways to raise issues?

You can also choose to get in touch with us via call (9893229599 or e-mail (


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